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  • No Artificial Colors

    These yummy, popping pearls are made with real fruit juice and the best ingredients available! We only used natural food colours for a refreshing sweetness and exciting flavour that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.

  • Guilt-Free Sweet Treats

    Unlike traditional tapioca pearls that have a chewy texture, boba balls are filled with real fruit juice that literally bursts with flavour. Enjoy a whole new level of texture on your well-loved Taiwanese drink.

About Bubble Blends

Your New Go-to Online Shop for Premium-Tasting, Popping Boba

Bubble Blends has entered the bubble tea scene with its first-ever offering: Fruity Pearls popping boba. Our boba boasts not only an exquisite real-fruit juice taste but also a refreshingly sweet and fruity flavour for maximum enjoyment.

Whether you’re a boba drink lover buying boba ingredients for a party or a tea shop owner purchasing in bulk, we can be your reliable supplier.

We look forward to satisfying your cravings and delivering your needs for popping boba blends and recipes!

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